Book List

Books by Mary Kathleen Glavich, SND

(* Out of print, available from Sister Kathleen only.)



Heart to Heart with Mary: A Yearly Devotional, $14.00

Praying on Empty: A Guide to Rediscovering Your Prayerful Self, $12.95

I Am Going:  Reflections on the Last Words of the Saints, $13.00

Praying with Scripture: The Bible: You’ve Got Mail, $12.00

Prayer-Moments for Every Day of the Year, $9.95

The Catholic Way to Pray: An Essential Guide for Adults, $9.95

Introducing Catholic Prayer for RCIA Leaders,  $19.95

Voices: God Speaking in Creation: Reflections, $12.00

500 Plus Ways to Teach Prayer: For Students of All Ages, $30.00


Popular Prayers and Devotions,   $3.50

A Guide to Quiet Prayer,   $3.50

Making Prayer Part of Your Daily Life,   $3.50

Catholic Faith

The Catholic Companion to Jesus, $15.95

The Catholic Companion to the Psalms,   $10.95

The Catholic Companion to Mary,   $9.95

The Catholic Companion to the Angels,   $9.95

A Confirmed Catholic’s Companion: A Guide to Abundant Living,  $9.95

(For youth, young adults, RCIA: Prayers, traditions, trivia, websites, quotations)

Essential Guide to Catholic Terms, $3.50

Living Faith at Home: Catholic Practices and Prayers, $8.00

Religious Education

500 Plus Ways to Teach Prayer: for Students of All Ages, $30.00

Discipline Made Easy, $30.00

The Six Tasks of Catechesis: Key Principles and Practices for Forming Faith, $9.95

Leading Young Catholics into Scripture,   $16.95

Totally Catholic! A Catechism for Kids and Their Parents and Teachers, $14.95

Enriching Faith: Lessons and Activities on the Bible,  $14.95

Enriching Faith: Lessons, Prayers and Activities on Mary, $14.95

Arts and Crafts from A to Z: Over 150 Ideas for Catechists and Religion Teachers, $24.95

Teaching Catechists to Pray,  $19.95

Bible People for Young People, $15.00

Prayer First! A New Agenda for Catholic Schools, $14.95

A Crash Course in Teaching Religion: Practical Strategies,  $14.95

Can be used as blackline masters:

The Bible: God’s Love Story, $15.00

A Pictionary of Lent, $15.00

God’s Angels: Our Friends, $15.00

The Rosary: The Gospel on Beads,   $15.00

  • Gospel Theater for the Whole Community, $29.95

           (Gospel events, miracles, parables in the form of 5-minute plays)


The Heartbeat of Faith: 59 Poem, Fingerplays, and Prayers, $12.95

For preschool, primary grade children; simply told stories, beautiful art:

Child’s Bible, $3.50

Child’s Book of Miracles, $3.50

Child’s Book of Parables, $3.50

* Time to Say Goodbye: A Grief Workbook for Children, $2.50

The Catholic Children’s Bible, Hardback $36.00,  Softcover $28.00


Prayerbook for First Communion, $.99

Prayerbook for First Reconciliation, $.99

The Gift of the Anointing of the Sick, $4.95

The Gift of Holy Communion for Parents, $5.95

The Gift of Reconciliation for Parents, $5.95

The Gift of Confirmation for Parents,   $5.95

The Gift of Confirmation for Sponsors,   $5.95


The Walking Love of God: St. Julie Billiart, $20.00

*Saint Julie Billiart: The Smiling Saint, $5.95

Saint Thérèse of Lisieux: The Way of Love, $5.95

Saint Teresa of Kolkata: Missionary of Charity, $7.95

Saints and Feast Days: A Resource and Activity Book, $24.95

Bible People for Young People, New Testament  $15.00

Bible People for Young People, Old Testamant  $15.00


Weekday Liturgies for Children,  (for Catholic schools) $39.00

Why Is Jesus in the Microwave? Funny Stories from Catholic Classrooms, $14.95

The Fisherman’s Wife: The Gospel According to St. Peter’s Spouse, $20.00

   (A novel: Peter’s wife and her account of Jesus who lived in her house)

Me? Speak in Public? Speaking as Ministry, $5.00

Conquering Spelling Demons: Tips and Tricks, $7.00